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Shuttle racking system

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Shuttle racking system

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Shuttle rack system is composed of shuttle rack + shuttle trolley, shuttle rack is a typical high-density storage mode, space utilization rate is as high as 90%, the operation of the shuttle trolley and forklift can work at the same time, so it can also effectively improve the efficiency of the operation.

The original drive-in shelf is a forklift truck that directly enters the storage area to put the goods on the shelf, and there must be many forklift operation channels. This method has great disadvantages, is time-consuming and laborious, and seriously affects the management efficiency of this warehouse. Now it is changed to shuttle shelf. Forklift truck only needs to work at the front end of the warehouse, and shuttle board transports the goods to the designated position. The transfer of the shuttle plate between the lanes is done by a forklift. This scheme greatly improves the work efficiency and achieves the effect of fast and safe.


Specific advantages are as follows:

1. Forklift does not need to enter the roadway, which saves time and improves the safety of personnel and goods; 2. The storage efficiency of goods in the warehouse is greatly improved;

3, make full use of warehouse space, warehouse utilization rate of more than 80%;

4, for different types of products can be divided into channels flexible access;

5. Compared with the drive-in shelf and the through shelf, the structure is stable and the safety factor is higher. 6. It is suitable for many and few kinds of goods, such as food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco and other industries with large quantities of single varieties and relatively single items, especially for cold storage environment.

Structure composition:

Higher intelligence

Intelligent warehousing design: the shuttle board can intelligently identify the goods at any position within one meter of the warehousing end, and can still intelligently identify and complete the warehousing instruction when the goods are squeezed in the warehousing process; And can realize the continuous warehousing function, the time interval can be freely set by the customer;

Intelligent outbound design: outbound can be divided into two modes, one is outbound when the shuttle board detects no goods at the outbound end, and the other is outbound after one tray is finished. At the same time, the position of the tray relative to the shuttle board can be intelligently adjusted during the outbound process of the equipment. It can also realize the delivery of the specified number of goods, and can display the current outbound quantity on the remote controller, and the data can still be maintained after power is cut off;

Intelligent library transfer design: two library transfer functions of FIFO and FILO can be realized through the remote controller, and when the library transfer action is interrupted, the library transfer can be continued with one key;

Counting function: standard with counting function, real-time display through the remote control, convenient statistics of the number of products in each channel, and support for continuous counting;

Parameter standardization design: set various parameters through the remote control to match various applications, making the application more flexible;

More convenient operation: customized remote control, one-button operation in Chinese and English, with Chinese and English status prompts and alarm prompts, simplified operation.

Fast maintenance: the operator can know the equipment status of the shuttle board and the alarm information in Chinese and English through the remote controller, can find the maintenance manual to know the solution to the fault, or contact the manufacturer by telephone.





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