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Drive-in Racking System

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Drive-in Racking System


Product description:

Everunion Drive-in rack or drive-through is designed for storing a large number of similar goods (pallets). Pallets are placed on the guide rails, which makes possible the high-density storage. The rack system is the most ideal for expensive storage space like cold storage warehouses.


Features of drive-in pallet racks:

● Good solution for storage of homogenous products with a great number of pallets.

● Very highly efficient use of warehouse space.

● Loading capacity 500 kg-1500kg/pallet as general.

● Load management: FILO (First In, Last Out) or FIFO (First In, First Out).

● Rails adjustable optimize


Drive-In pallet racks - you use the same entry and exit point on each aisle / storage bay to access your loads, creating last-in/first-out storage.


Drive-Thru(drive-through) pallet racks - you use both the front and back of each aisle / storage bay to access your loads, creating first-in/first-out storage.


Height and depth can be designed to meet your specific needs.


Product Name

Drive In and Drive Through Racking System


Steel Q235B

Loading Capacity

Customized and up to 4,000 Kg UDL/layer

Racking Height

Customized and up to 13,000 mm

Racking Depth

800-1,400 mm

Beam Length

Customized and up to 3,900 mm

Racking Finish

Powder coated or galvanized

Packing Details

Standard experienced export seaworthy packing



Standard section sizes: 90*70*1.8-2.0-2.3mm, 100*80*2.0mm, 100*95*2.0-2.3-2.5mm, 120*95*2.0-2.3-2.5-2.75-3.0-3.2mm

Designed the Link bars between the frame and uprigt or between 2 uprights.



There are two types of corbels,single corbel & double corbel.

Single corbel:left side and right side single corbels,which is used in each side of the racks.

Double corbels: With 2 way corbels, which is used in between the racks



Pallet guide rails:the length can be customized based on the pallet & rack size.There are 3 types thickness ,2.0mm,2.5mm.3.0mm for your choice,which is decided by the loading each layer.


Top beams and top bracings: are used to increase integrity and stability of the racking system.



Company information:

We are professional manufacturer of all types of Racking system since 2006,with more than 10,000 sqm factory located in Kunshan city. We can provide high quality products with very competitive prices. We have our own designer team,we can freely provide the CAD drawing for your reference according to your warehouse dimension. We would like to be your reliable supplier and trusted friends.




All of our products have passed the ISO9001:2008 and CE certification.


Packaging Details:

Experienced export packing: (1)both uprights and beams end with cardboard ,then outside bundled tightly with plastic belts. (2)paper cartons for accessories.

Delivery Detail:15 days upon receipt of deposit



Quotation Require:

1. Rack size(W*D*H) or Pallet information: size, max load, height (cargo height and pallet height)

2. How many layers per rack(ground + beam level) and weight capacity(per layer)

3. Warehouse drawings

4. Aisle require or forklift information


The size design of Drive in rack is very important, should not only consider the size of pallet, but also the forklift operation and actual operating space of the pallet.



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