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Four-way car

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Four-way car

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Four-way car is also called four-way shuttle car. Intelligent four-way shuttle car shelf is an intelligent high-density storage shelf system. It uses the vertical and horizontal movement of four-way car and cooperates with the transfer layer of hoist to achieve the purpose of storage automation, greatly improving the automation degree of shelf system. It is a new generation of intelligent shelf storage system and has good application potential.


Four-way shuttle truck shelf product features:

1.Shuttle car can travel in four ways, across the roadway effective, flexible operation, without space restrictions, intensive storage;

2. Through the wireless network and control system connection, with the hoist can go to any cargo location, flexible;

3. The four-way shuttle system is modular and standardized, realizing discrete handling, and the later configuration is very flexible;

4.Fast project implementation, low system cost;

5.The four-way shuttle can be reversed in situ, which is more effective;

6.With intelligent multi-vehicle scheduling, path planning, road obstruction perception and other functions;

7, with automatic charging function, smoke, temperature and other security functions.


Four-way shuttle truck shelf application scenario:

1, intelligent factory workshop line side library;

2, intelligent intensive storage finished goods warehouse/semi-finished goods warehouse/raw material warehouse;

3. Logistics distribution center warehouse;

4, unmanned black light warehouse.



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