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After the epidemic has eased, is there a need for contactless shelves?

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2020-04-16 18:32

During the outbreak, contactless distribution was urged. The placement of packages in agreed public areas, such as the shelves in front of the community, has become the practice of logistics and distribution since the outbreak. Various reasons have caused a large number of unclaimed packages on the shelves. Some packages that have been left for too long still stink, and the shelves seem to have become "trash cans".

Now that the epidemic has eased, these shelves brought convenience to people during the epidemic, and after the relief, they also brought trouble to people. Is there any need for shelves?

Shelves will cause such phenomena. First, the shelves are "unattended". Although they are monitored, they are still easy to cause express delivery loss. Second, the recipient is lazy and will only pick it up when he thinks of it. Some items with short shelf life will be damaged on the shelf when he receives them in the future. Third, the package has become a dead piece and has been placed for a long time, resulting in vague information of the recipient and sender and the property has no right to handle, I want to return the product but I can't find the sender. Even if someone wants to claim it, they cannot verify the contents of the package, providing a breeding ground for fraudulent claims.

Despite all the troubles, most people still feel that the shelves should be left behind. First, the delivery time of the express brother often overlaps with our working hours. When the express cabinet is full and not at home, people need such shelves to place packages. Second, it can save time and be more convenient. As long as both parties agree to collect the goods in time, the safety of such centralized placement is still relatively high. Third, if we strengthen management, verify the information of the pick-up person and remind the other party in time, the role of the shelf is not small.

If it is really impossible to collect the package and keep it on the shelf for a long time, then it is recommended that you explain the situation to the courier, re-arrange the time, and deliver it when both parties have time, so as to avoid causing the contents of the package to be "broken" and to avoid the phenomenon that the courier calls you to collect the package, but the goods are lost due to delay in collecting it. These two phenomena, the courier will not be responsible for this.

Therefore, when people have a demand for shelves, it is necessary for shelves to exist. However, when shelves bring us convenience, we should also consciously take back our express from the shelves as soon as possible, so as not to cause the shelves to be abandoned.

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Recently, in the world's largest transit hub port, more than 50 port mobile robots from Xinsong Company, such as steel giants, were neatly arranged and officially delivered to the world-renowned port group in batches. This is also the first time that China's port mobile robots have achieved such a large-scale overseas delivery. "Xinsong Zao" once again represents China's wisdom to go out and become a dazzling business card for the construction of global smart ports!

Shelf industry: closely integrated with logistics automation development

In recent years, the development of China's shelf products has shown a steady growth trend, and driven by the great development of intelligent logistics, the demand for high-precision shelves has become a new growth point. Shelf enterprises also pay more attention to product quality and production technology, and have strengthened capacity building such as production, manufacturing, installation and construction. At the same time, with the increasing demand for intelligent upgrading in manufacturing and other fields, more and more shelf enterprises begin to cross borders or transform into system integrators, from simple shelf products to automated and intelligent equipment and systems such as shuttle cars and MiniLoad box automatic three-dimensional library systems. This change was particularly evident at the CeMAT ASIA 2023 exhibition. Enterprises such as Jingxing, Yinfei Storage, Six-dimensional Intelligence, Zhongyang Liku, Donglian Storage, Jiangrui Shelf and Shanghong Shelf appeared one after another, demonstrating the new trend of the close integration of shelves and logistics automation.

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Internor highlighted the latest high-performance conveyor platform (HPP). This is a high-performance heavy-duty product based on the platform of Interno conveying module. The functional core of HPP is the unique and innovative Interno multi-belt converter Multibelt Switch(MBS). The module combines conveying and sorting functions in a unique way. By seamlessly superimposing linear and lateral motion, the conveyed goods are diverted to other conveying lines in the conveyor, flowing forward or to both sides at a constant speed. This method can ensure a smooth and safe transportation process, and the speed is also very fast, with a throughput of more than 10000 pieces per hour. Following the global success of its Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), the HPP platform is Internor's new modular conveyor solution that meets the specific requirements for equipment robustness and throughput of various industries, especially courier, courier and parcel (CEP) service providers. As part of Internat's integrated platform strategy, the new High Performance Conveyor Platform (HPP) is a powerful addition to Internat's sorting solutions, which can significantly improve the productivity, capacity and energy efficiency of all types of distribution centers.