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After the epidemic has eased, is it necessary for non-contact shelves to exist?

2020-04-16 18:32

During the epidemic, contactless delivery was urged. Parcels are placed in agreed public areas such as the shelves in front of the community, which has become the practice of logistics distribution since the epidemic. Various reasons have caused a large number of unclaimed packages on the shelves. Some packages that have been left for too long still smelly, and the shelves seem to be "trash cans."

Now that the epidemic has eased, these shelves have brought convenience to people during the epidemic, and after alleviation, they will also bring people trouble. Is there still a need for shelves?

Shelves can cause such a phenomenon. One is because the shelves are "unattended", although they are monitored, they are still easy to cause loss of express delivery; the other is the laziness of the recipient, always remembering to pick it up, some items with a short shelf life , It will be broken on the shelf when it is picked up in the future; third, the package has become a dead part, and it has been left for a long time, resulting in the blurred information of the recipient and the sender. The property has no right to deal with it. If you want to return it, you can’t find the delivery. Member people. Even if someone wants to claim it, they cannot verify the contents of the package, which provides a breeding ground for false claims.

Despite all the troubles, most people still feel that the shelves should stay. One is because the delivery time of the courier brother often overlaps with our working hours. When the express cabinet is full and not at home, people need such a shelf to place packages; second, it saves time and is more convenient, as long as the two parties agree Good, timely collection, such a centralized placement, the safety is still relatively high; third, if the management is strengthened, the information of the pick-up person is verified, and the other party is reminded in time, the shelf will play a significant role.

If you really can’t pick it up and leave the package on the shelf for a long time, it is still recommended that you explain the situation to the courier, re-arrange the time, and deliver it when both parties have time to avoid causing the contents of the package to “put” "Broken" phenomenon and to avoid the phenomenon that the courier calls you to notify you to pick up the package, but the goods are lost due to delays in picking up the package. The courier will not be responsible for these two phenomena.

Therefore, when people have a demand for shelves, there is a necessity for shelves. However, when shelves are convenient for us, we must consciously get back our express from the shelves as soon as possible, so as not to cause the shelves to be abandoned. .

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