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After the pandemic, please treat your unit well!

2020-03-13 18:32

You don’t farm, but you eat and drink; you don’t weave, but you dress gorgeously; you don’t build a car, but you use a car as a substitute; you don’t build buildings, but you live in Antai; you are not powerful, but many people respect you ; You look plain, but your lover likes you; your ability is average, but your children admire you.

Why is this?

What do you rely on to exchange with others? What do you rely on to get the life items you need? What do you rely on to win the respect of society? ——That is the unit.

The unit is a bridge for exchange between you and the society and between others. The unit is the stage where you show your existence. The unit is the backstage of your beautiful family. The unit is your arena, training station, beauty room, university! The unit is the value-added device for you to increase your value, the unit is the inn where you settle down, the unit is a powerful weapon for you and your significant other, and the unit is your right to speak in your family and society.

Learn to cherish in work

One is to cherish work.

Work is duty, duty is responsibility, and responsibility is value.

Thanks to those who let you be alone, those who put pressure on you, and those who give you a platform. Because that is opportunity, trust, platform, and right to speak.

The second is to cherish the relationship.

We must cherish the various relationships of the unit, and I would rather be wronged than try to compete with each other.

A person is called ability only if he can handle the relationship that he has a working relationship with. There is no work relationship, just eating, drinking, and playing.

The third is to cherish what you have.

You must cherish what you already have in your unit.

Maybe after a long time, you will get bored. Learn to adjust yourself in time to make yourself feel constantly new in the face of boring work.

The three most taboos in the unit

One is to push the work to others.

Work is your responsibility and the foundation of your unit. Pushing your own work to others is not clever, but stupid, unless you can’t do it.

Prevarication is a kind of escape, irresponsibility, and incompetence, which will make others look down on you from the bottom of their hearts.

The second is to fool others.

Fooling others is a real stupidity and irresponsibility to oneself. Especially for those who trust you, don't be clever.

Working together for a long time makes people move because of sincerity, and what makes people hate is fooling and hypocrisy.

The third is that I can't help myself.

Unwilling to sink your heart is a big taboo when working in a unit. The unit is not just looking at flowers, but it is likely to be a life-long base, a proof of a person's life-long existence. Sink down and work slowly. Don't get overwhelmed when you have the opportunity. Don't worry about gains or losses if you don't have a chance or miss an opportunity. The final winners are often those who come slowly.

"Seven more and seven less" based on the unit

One is to think more about things and less people.

You must cherish your position, keep your responsibilities in mind, be diligent, and devote yourself to your career. Don't be jealous and jealous, tell right and wrong, or even make false accusations, and try to figure out others.

The second is to look more forward and less backward.

We must have lofty ambitions, in line with the same goal, common career pursuit, and unremitting struggle. Don't keep talking about your past gains and losses, honor and disgrace, grievances and grudges in your heart.

The third is to talk more face-to-face and less discussion behind the scenes.

Be consistent with the top and the bottom, dare not to be humble or arrogant, speak up, be good at pointing out mistakes sincerely, and don't go against the yin, don't talk face to face, talk nonsense behind your back.

The fourth is to think more empathy and less self-centeredness.

It is necessary to truly establish the idea that unit construction is a whole and that the work that individuals are responsible for is to serve the whole. It is not possible to seek countermeasures based only on local interests, use the gains and losses of one's own interests as the standard, and make decisions based on the gains and losses of the small groups.

Fifth, make more and less dismantle.

Attention should be paid to maintaining the prestige and image of the unit and colleagues, supporting and cooperating with each other in work, caring for and helping each other in life, and proactively assisting when encountering difficulties, so that everyone can work together to solve difficult problems.

Sixth, understand more and blame less.

Think of colleagues as brothers, able to tolerate differences, strengths, and shortcomings. Don't be narrow-minded, small belly chicken intestines, use a magnifying glass to see other people's problems and deficiencies.

Seventh, take more than less contend.

You must have the spirit of being willing to suffer losses for the sake of your work and the overall situation. With the power of looking at others for your achievements, you must think about your own responsibilities when you make mistakes.

Be diligent, respectful, and conscientious in your work, instead of playing tricks and arrogant self-esteem. The nature of the unit is never sorted by age, but by job title. In the work unit, the elderly have the advantages of the elderly, and the young have the advantages of the young. Don't despise each other, it's cannibalism.

If you can do more in your unit, you will always remember you. Never bring a bad head in your unit, and don't break the rules of the unit. That is to dismantle the leader's desk, that is, dismantle his own desk.

It is necessary to limit private matters to private spaces. Otherwise, no one will recognize you at the critical moment.

Try to stay away from those who encourage you not to work and those who encourage you to have conflicts in your work. That is to let you drink poison to quench your thirst.

Maintain one's own unit, maintain one's own job, maintain one's own profession. If you are the grass of your unit, the unit is your land. Anyone can operate without the unit, but you cannot do without the unit. You have to work hard to prove that your presence in the unit is very important.

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