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After the epidemic, please be kind to your unit!

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2020-03-13 18:32

You don't farm, but you have food and drink. You don't weave, but you dress luxuriously. You don't build a car, but you use it instead of walking. You don't Gai Lou, but your home is safe. You are not powerful, but many people respect you. You are plain in appearance, but your lover likes you. Your ability is average, but your children worship you.

Why is this?

What do you rely on to exchange with others? What do you rely on to get the living things you need? What do you rely on to win the respect of the society?-That is the unit.

The unit is a bridge of exchange between you and society and between others. The unit is the stage where you show your existence. The unit is the backstage of your wonderful home. The unit is your arena, training station, beauty room, big school! The unit is the value-added device for you to increase your social status, the unit is the inn where you settle down, the unit is a powerful weapon for you to confront your other half, and the unit is your voice in the family and society.

In the unit to learn to cherish

First, cherish the work.

Work is duty, duty is responsibility, and responsibility is value.

Thank those who let you alone, thank those who give you pressure, thank you platform. Because it is opportunity, trust, platform and voice.

Second, cherish the relationship.

All kinds of relationships in the unit must be cherished, and it is better to be wronged than to fight for high and low.

A person can only be able to handle the relationship with their own working relationship is called ability. There is no working relationship, just eating and drinking, playing games.

Third, cherish what you already have.

What you already have in the unit must be cherished.

Maybe after a long time, you will feel bored. We should learn to adjust ourselves in time so that we can have a new feeling in front of boring work.

The most taboo three points in the unit

One is to push the work to others.

Work is your duty and the foundation of your unit. It's not smart, it's stupid, to put your own work on someone else, unless you're not up to it.

Prevarication is a kind of evasion, irresponsible and incompetent, which will make others look down on you from the bottom of their hearts.

Second, fool others.

Fooling others is a kind of real stupidity, is irresponsible to oneself. Especially for those who trust you, never play smart.

Long-term work together, let a person moved is sincere, let a person disgusted is fooling and hypocrisy.

Third, I can't sink my heart.

It is a big taboo to work in the unit. The unit is not a random view, but is likely to be a life-long base, is a person's life to prove the existence. Sit down and do it slowly. Don't get carried away when you have the chance. Don't be swayed by considerations of gain and loss if you don't have a chance or miss a chance. The winners are often the ones who come slowly.

"seven more and seven less" based on units"

First, think more about things and less about people.

We should cherish our posts, bear in mind our responsibilities, be diligent and dedicated to our career. Don't be jealous of the virtuous, gossip, or even make false accusations and frame up others.

Second, look more forward and less backward.

We should aim high and strive unremittingly in line with the same goal and common cause pursuit. Don't put the past gains and losses, honor and disgrace, grudges, often in the mouth, keep in mind.

Third, talk more face to face and less behind.

We should be consistent with the top and the bottom, dare to be neither humble nor arrogant, speak out and remonstrate with each other, be good at pointing out mistakes in good faith, and do not disobey in public, do not say in person, and talk nonsense behind their backs.

Fourth, more transposition thinking less standard first.

It is necessary to truly establish the idea that unit construction is a whole and the work that individuals are responsible for is to serve the whole. We should not only seek countermeasures from the local interests, take the gains and losses of our own interests as the standard, and make choices based on the gains and losses of the interests of small groups.

Fifth, make up more and dismantle less.

We should pay attention to maintaining the prestige and image between the unit and colleagues, support and cooperate with each other in work, care and help each other in life, take the initiative to assist when encountering difficulties, and solve difficult problems.

Sixth, understand more and blame less.

We should regard our brothers as brothers, and be able to tolerate the differences, the strengths and the weaknesses of others. Don't be narrow-minded and petty. Use a magnifying glass to see other people's problems and shortcomings.

Seven, take more and fight for too little credit.

We should have the spirit of being willing to suffer losses for the sake of work and the overall situation. We should have the strength to look at others when we have achievements. We should think more about our own responsibilities when we have mistakes. We should not look at our achievements and teach us more and less.

In the unit, we should be diligent, respectful and conscientious, instead of playing tricks and arrogant. The nature of the unit is never sorted by age, but by position. In the unit, the elderly have the advantages of the elderly, and the young have the advantages of the young. Never despise each other, that is killing each other.

If you can do more in the unit, do more, and someone will always remember your kindness. Do not bring a bad head in the unit and do not break the rules of the unit. That is to dismantle the top leader's desk, that is, to dismantle one's own desk.

Be sure to limit what is private to private space. Otherwise, no one will recognize you at the critical moment.

In the unit, you should try to stay away from those who encourage you not to work and those who encourage you to make conflicts. That is to let you drink poison to quench your thirst.

Maintain their own units, maintain their own work, maintain their own occupation. If you are the grass of the unit, the unit is your land. The unit can operate without anyone, but you cannot leave the unit. You must work hard to prove that you are very important in the unit.

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