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Don't forget your original intention in 2020 and move forward-EVERUNION company annual meeting report

2020-01-24 18:32

Time flies, the years flies, the busy 2019 has passed in a blink of an eye, and the year 2020 full of expectations is coming to us. The new year gives birth to new goals and hopes. The 2019 Annual Meeting of EVERUNION Company was grandly held on January 18th. All employees of EVERUNION Company and company leaders gathered together for a party.

The conference kicked off with a speech by Mr. Tang Haoyang, General Manager of EVERUNION. Subsequently, the factory director Mao Congming came to the stage to present the annual summary, and sent New Year blessings to all employees. Then, the company’s leaders awarded outstanding employees and encouraged the winning employees to guard against arrogance and rashness, play a leading role in the new year and make new contributions.


The annual meeting program was brilliant and dizzying. Lottery draws were also interspersed in the middle. With the third prize, second prize, first prize and special prize drawn, the annual meeting continued to climax. The annual meeting not only brought laughter and laughter to everyone, but also brought the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. The cordial interaction between company leaders and employees and the exciting lottery draw kept singing, applause, and cheers in the venue. The climax of the whole party was repeated, showing the joy and harmony of the big family of EVERUNION.


The glorious 2019 has passed, and a 2020 full of hopes and challenges is quietly coming. In the past year, we have smiled, struggled, and harvested. In the face of 2020, we will not forget our original aspirations and move forward. Let us EVERUNION people work hard to create a better tomorrow for EVERUNION. The nine-story platform rises from the soil. To turn this blueprint into reality, it is necessary to do the work steadily and steadily, not in fantasies, not in vain voices, one step at a time.



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