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Concentrate and start again-EVERUNION 2019 year-end work report meeting was successfully held

2020-01-13 18:32

New starting point, new hope. 2019 is over, standing at the starting point of 2020, we look back on the past, sum up our experience, look forward to the future, and draw a blueprint.

On January 11, 2020, EVERUNION held a 2019 year-end summary report meeting. The company's general manager Tang Haoyang and factory director Mao Congming attended the meeting and served as judges. More than 20 managers and supervisors of various functional departments of the company attended the meeting and gave year-end reports.

In the meeting, staff from various departments of the company conducted year-end summaries in turn, and the summaries were fully prepared. Through examples, data, pictures and texts, they comprehensively, objectively and in-depthly focused on 2019 achievements and deficiencies, battles that must be won, and performance contracts. The five aspects of completion, personal swot analysis, learning growth plan, 2019 personal performance contract target decomposition and new year's work plan were analyzed and summarized.

(Sales Manager Chen Feng makes a personal year-end report)

During the summary report period, General Manager Tang Haoyang first expressed his affirmation that the company's overall performance in 2019 is still 10% higher than that in 2018 despite the fact that the macroeconomic situation in 2019 is not very optimistic, and then the target of the performance contract signed by the individual sales department in 2019 Decomposition made the main comments and guidance. Taking the formulation of the sop process of the production department as an example, he emphasized that functional departments must play a guiding role in ideology and action, formulate strategies, set standards, interpret the system to those who implement the strategy, and firmly promote the full implementation of the system strategy. Regarding sales work, he proposed that we must despise the enemy strategically and attach importance to the enemy tactically. In response to his personal swot analysis, he proposed to learn from others and apply what he has learned.

After the end of the year-end reports of the various departments, the factory director Mao Congming made a concluding speech. He said that this year-end summary is not just a simple report, but more importantly, a review of the entire work of the year and a year of evaluation of oneself, continuous summing up and growth in the work, learning and growth while learning from experience. At the same time, he said that the factory will continue to strengthen safety and technical training in the new year to lay a solid foundation for the company to go to the next level.

Finally, General Manager Tang Haoyang expressed his affirmation and gratitude for the hard work and achievements of each department, and gave improvement methods and guidance ideas for the problems existing in the work. At the same time, he put forward earnest hopes to all debriefing staff, requesting everyone to continue to maintain the style of hard work and solidarity; inherit and carry forward the advantages of past work, learn from experience, discard deficiencies, and be confident, with a clearer mind and more vigorous fighting spirit. , A more energetic attitude and more energetic, to move towards the set goal of the new year.

He said that looking forward to the new year, we will continue to work hard and strive to achieve a new level of work. In 2019, we will overcome all obstacles, and in 2020 we will move forward courageously.

In the new year, we will achieve another success. In order to achieve the set goals, the annual meeting will move to Hainan and cheer for you!

This year-end report will be successfully concluded!



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