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Helping the development of logistics equipment, EVERUNION wins the award

2019-12-26 18:32

On December 13, the "2019 Global Logistics Equipment Industry Development Conference and 2019 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference" hosted by the well-known Asia-Pacific logistics magazine "Logistics Technology and Application" was grandly held in Kunshan.

Wu Jingpeng, secretary-general of the "Logistics Technology and Application" Council, immediately shared the theme of the conference-"From'Zero Sum' to'Positive Harmony'".

He pointed out that "zero-sum game" and "positive-sum game" are derived from different outcomes involved in mathematical models and game theory in economics. In human activities, the "zero-sum game" means that participants remain selfish, only consider their own interests, and completely ignore the collective interests. As a result, collective interests are damaged and their own interests cannot be maximized. When people obtain benefits through cooperation, the overall benefits of cooperation are greater than the sum of the benefits of the participants' individual actions. This kind of game behavior is called "positive sum game".

As the world as a whole, there will inevitably be a "zero-sum game" where the weak can eat the strongest. However, today's problems such as "globalization", "environmental pollution", and "energy crisis" make the "zero-sum game" no longer applicable. The new global landscape requires more cooperation to enable participants to achieve a "win-win" situation, that is, to achieve a "positive-sum game." The necessary condition for the transition from a "zero-sum game" to a "positive-sum game" is to reach trust among the participants and effectively punish violations. "In 2019, with the rapid development of new elements such as'digital economy', '5G network','big data analysis', and'blockchain', it is the mission given to us by history. Resources are fully utilized, transactions are carried out effectively, and ultimately every participant in the supply chain can profit from it and achieve a win-win situation!" He emphasized.

In order to deeply discuss the new development of logistics equipment enterprises in 2019 and the problems and puzzles they face under the current complex situation, on December 12, the organizers organized the "2019" with the theme of "From'Zero Sum' to'Positive Harmony'". Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference Leadership Summit and Council Annual Meeting", industry leaders from nearly 70 logistics equipment companies gathered together to discuss their experience in corporate development, their views on development prospects, and the exploration of advanced concepts and models. Adequate communication and exchange.

As one of the earliest companies engaged in the production of logistics equipment in China, EVERUNION Logistics Equipment actively promoted the development of domestic logistics equipment and was invited to participate in this event. During the period, General Manager Tang Haoyang and the guests had an in-depth exchange of views on the "zero-sum game" and the "positive-sum game".

Due to its outstanding performance, our company has won two awards: "Logistics Equipment Industry Powerful Brand Enterprise Award" and "Logistics Equipment Industry International Market Development Award"!

Shanghai (Kunshan) EVERUNION Sales Manager Ni Hui came to the stage to receive the award (fifth from right)

Shanghai (Kunshan) EVERUNION Sales Manager Ni Hui came to the stage to receive the award (second from right)

EVERUNION company has undertaken thousands of large-scale storage racking projects, and its sales in 2015 have exceeded 100 million yuan, of which export orders accounted for more than 30% of sales. In order to expand export business and improve our company's requirements for product quality in the international market, our products successfully passed the CE certification in July 2016.

The company introduced the Swiss Golden Horse spraying line and advanced pre-treatment spray system, which can spray workpieces up to 14 meters long, and has a fixed cold-formed automatic rolling production line and a multi-functional rolling production line made by German technology, as well as other internationally renowned brands Of automatic punching, welding, auxiliary equipment. The company has a skilled construction, installation and after-sales service team that can provide customers with high-quality services in a timely manner.



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