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EVERUNION signed Shanghai Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. built

2016-06-15 15:02

July 19, 2007, associated with Shanghai Shijia built power plant signed a sales contract to become their designated shelf suppliers.

Shanghai Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. was built in 1956 and 1999 in accordance with the modern enterprise system of company restructuring, the number of economic indicators in recent years, business has been ranked the national electricity system, machinery manufacturing industry to the forefront.

More than eight hundred company employees, including senior technical staff accounted for more than 20 percent; have all kinds of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment over five hundred stations and CAD, CAPP, CAM and other technical means; built the current domestic advanced feed pumps, hydraulic coupling and valve test bench test bench; the realization of logistics, information management cash flow; and the British international quality certification Moody energy Co., Ltd. awarded ISO9001-2000 quality management certification.



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