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China's fastener industry will usher in the era of green

2016-06-15 15:07

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the "National Environmental Protection" second five "plan", said the next five years to full implementation of environmental protection projects, total investment in environmental protection needs of about 3.4 trillion yuan. With careful planning and clear requirements for pollutant emissions to air, water, soil, etc., which will bring high-polluting industrial manufacturing a severe test. China's fastener industry, medium and small enterprises, dispersed layout brings waste of resources, environmental pollution and other issues have become increasingly prominent, these issues are not well affect the sustained and healthy development of the industry, have to bear the environmental concerns have been gradually enabling the industry's development path farther cramped, as we do not change the development mode, adjust the industrial structure, the fastener industry will go sour.

Long, the size of the fastener industry status quo in our country there has been uneven. From the fastener industry to consider long-term development, the industry should focus on large-scale, large-scale development plan up on fastener business. On the one hand strict accordance with the national "big pressure on the small" requirement, forcibly closed down by small electroplating, waste acid concentration and control of effective measures or acid waste water emissions, phasing out the family workshop production mode and backward production technology, technology and equipment, fastener industry towards the realization of "scale, reduce pollution, improve efficiency, save resources, quality ahead of" scientific direction. On the other hand actively implement mitigation measures to help businesses change to ban the production, conversion, does not meet the environmental requirements of corporate governance, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger. According to "strong tree model, point to an area, overall progress," the work of thinking, on the new industrial policy and does not meet the environmental requirements of the project, as long as no proof by experts of the project, it will be resolutely rejected. In the strict implementation of environmental protection first right of approval, and actively introduce and support those high technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution fasteners project, and seriously implement the one-time inform, tracking service, limited approval and other service commitments.

In this regard, experts believe that the domestic fastener industry enterprises should correctly understand the "second five" environmental planning to bring development opportunities, and constantly enhance the overall awareness of environmental protection, and continuously improve the development of technology development, production and services in areas such as level, increase new environmentally friendly features of the fastener R & D investment, with high-quality products and perfect service to open up more room for development in new areas of environmental protection, for the early realization of the fastener green transformation. (Source: China Light Industry Mould Network)



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