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2016-06-15 15:13

EVERUNION for you to create the perfect logistics system, and more importantly, we help you save money, your logistics center will become the center of profits.Modern logistics storage system suitable for vehicular traffic and frequent loading and unloading of goods production, warehouse and logistics environments. Storage system design is an important part of the entire warehouse process design, modern logistics storage system consists of rack storage systems, handling systems, discharge systems and related auxiliary equipment and control system. It effectively solve the operation functional logistics system. Cargo size, shape, materials, temperature requirements and delivery time, equipment and vehicles to transport goods size, and many other factors are important factors that affect the efficiency of modern logistics operation. Through rational planning system and handling system configuration, will:

Reduce the amount of handling and forklift operators

Vehicle handling and greatly shorten the waiting time, up more than 50%

Greatly improve the security of staff and goods

Overall improvement of corporate image

We can provide professional design and planning service for you, not the matter please consult our professional design engineers and ask for "loading dock area Design Manual."

Depending on customer needs, you can purchase a separate unloading platform, but also with doors, loading doors closed awning or as a complete integrated loading and unloading system configuration. Select the appropriate loading and unloading platform is the core of modern mooring system memory configuration.

EVERUNION product since sales, already has the majority of users, including: ups, dhL, Asustek Computer, General Electric, General Motors, Chengdu bonded warehouses, Ningbo Bonded Warehouse, Suzhou New District Bonded warehouses, Honda, Volkswagen, Li Nippon paint, Miller partner, ViewSonic display, Siemens, Ph.D., Makita tools, Bright Dairy, horses efforts hydraulic, Konka Electronics, Shanghai SVA, Chenming Paper, Stahl coatings, Jotun paints, Warburg computer, Hangzhou tobacco Kang Jie air transport, high-tech logistics, day-logistics, Tupper dream mattress, and so on.

EVERUNION logistics equipment successfully passed the European ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system, the company has a complete set of modern business, technical and after-sales service system.

EVERUNION logistics equipment to high-quality products and services, establish a good corporate image in the major group, the Company and the industry.

Shi-linked believe that "professional create a perfect" effort to help you create the perfect logistics system, your logistics center into a profit center.



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