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Bullshit! Shi Lian reappears the classic clothing e-commerce case, helping Baiqiu to improve logistics efficiency.

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Customer Case

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Customer brief introduction:

Baiqiu, a global service provider focusing on the international fashion field. In the past ten years, Baiqiu has established long-term cooperative relations with many international fashion brands, and has continuously provided international fashion brands with full-link services such as integrated online and offline brand consulting, store station operation, digital marketing, warehousing and logistics, IT solutions and new retail.


Project introduction:

4000 ㎡/2-storey attic steel platform

5000 stacking area

4500 hanging layer areas

900 Pingli Goods Area


This project realizes regional storage management of product types through attic and steel platform, and realizes goods picking and storage through goods label bar code, so as to save manpower, avoid invalid handling and improve the efficiency of stored goods picking.

Storage:The whole cargo is transported to the corresponding floor by the elevator, and then unpacked and stored in the corresponding storage area (manual shelving and code scanning operation).

Pick-out: refer to the system to form a material collecting document, pick according to the corresponding position of material storage, and transport it to the temporary storage area on the first floor through slides and other equipment.


In order to meet the fire acceptance, the project adopts steel grating, with a water permeability rate of 90% and a strong bearing capacity.