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Technical Engineer
Description of job:
1. Proficiency in using CAD, Photoshop and other graphic design software;
2. Pay attention to details, have good learning ability, have a strong sense of responsibility for the work, and have a solid style of work;
3. Drawing experience in related fields of shelf and loft platform structure is preferred.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Draw CAD drawings according to project planning requirements;
2. Responsible for the support service work of engineering project drawing;
3. Responsible for the sorting and filing of engineering drawings and materials and other work related to drawing.
4. Draw three-dimensional drawings according to the requirements of the sales department;
5. Those who have relevant experience in storage scheme design and drawing are preferred.
Work address: No. 353, Jinyang East Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province


Foreign trade assistant
1. College degree or above, CET4 and above, Alibaba background operation experience, like to analyze data, can help leaders maintain alibaba background together;
2. Responsible for timely communication with the production department, follow up the order production progress in order to cooperate with customers in a timely and effective manner to ensure the smooth performance of the contract;
3. Familiar with the whole process of export:

A. Calculate the gross body and arrange booking;

B. Prepare customs declaration documents;

C. Coordinate the packing time with the freight forwarder and the factory, and issue the manifest and bill of lading for confirmation;

D. Prepare customs clearance materials and send it out or telex.


Sales support
1. Handle and support the execution of sales contract orders, such as assisting in the preparation of bids, contract signing, production task orders and delivery orders;
2. Assist sales in drawing CAD drawings according to project planning requirements;
3. Entry, maintenance and analysis of customer/project data;
4. Assist sales in project site measurement, coordination, etc.;
5. Assist the communication between sales and various departments of the company and handle various matters effectively.

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